Other Road Users

If your horse can be a little temperamental around some other road users this page might help you to avoid them. As horse riders we try to work with these groups to reduce any potential conflict. In particular, if we get notification of their activities, we can advise riders in the area.

Horses can be nervous on the road. If you, as a motorist, cyclist or other road user, encouter horses on the road, please slow down, give them a wide bearth and be prepared to stop. For more information see:
The Department of Transport Horse Sense pages
Horse sense for motorists (.pdf)
Horse sense adverts


There are quite a few cycle groups who use the roads in the area.
Surrey League
Redhill Cycle Club
Addiscombe Cycling Club have a club run every Saturday morning in the area.
Kingston Wheelers Cycling Club
Bec Cycling Club (Tooting Bec)

Motor Cycle Users

Mid Sussex Motorcross Club
South Eastern Centre Motocross Combine

Other Road Users

Rusper Raceway Although the raceway does not use the roads, some of the vehicles used for transport can unsettle some horses.

Other Information

British Horse Society (BHS)